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Our purpose is to help Ireland become a centre of design excellence in Europe.

We want to help raise the profile of strategic Design in Ireland. We aim to educate and empower people and organisations to build internal design-led capabilities.

We aim to not only to help break down silos inside organisations, but we teach by bringing people together through the art of collaboration.

We believe in empowering people and organisations by educating them across disciplines. We don’t want to create tribes.

Our values

What: We treat people with respect.
How: We are an equal opportunities employer and educator. We do not discriminate towards any race or creed.

What: We think about sustainability in every part of our business.
How: We travel by public transport or by bicycle where possible). We question our suppliers to ensure they meet the highest level of ethically considered processes and practices.

What: We believe in ‘doing no harm’ to both people and the planet.
How: We carefully select how we advertise. We recycle the paper waste from our workshops.

Open chat
Hello! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here.