(2-Day) Design Research Essentials using Service Design

Conducting research to generate insights

In this 2-day workshop, you will work closely with Gerry Scullion and Marc Stickdorn to learn about ethnographic thinking to uncover true human-behavioural insights. In the second part of the workshop, we will examine service design blueprinting.

Date: January TBC 2020
Address: Dublin, City Centre, Ireland
Cost: €950 per person
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Price includes;

  • Morning tea/coffee and pastries
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Afternoon tea/coffee and pastries
  • Workshop materials

We encourage participants to bring reusable water bottles to help reduce workshop environmental impact

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Service Design

  • Design Challenge: Problems within Public Services

  • Introduction to Design Research

  • Mobile Ethnography

  • Research Field Trip

  • Reflection

  • Sense-making & Research walls

  • Understanding Personas

  • Using system maps

  • Interactive Q+A

  • Customer Journey Map essentials

  • Emotional Mapping

  • Generation of Insights from Research

About The Trainers

Gerry Scullion is Principal Service Design Consultant for Humana Design. He has over 16-years professional design experience across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, media, public services, social media and various startups. He contributed to the book ‘This is Service Design Doing’ (O’Reilly 2018) focusing on chapters about effective prototyping, and embedding Service Design teams within organisations. He is the founder of The Human-Centered Design Podcast (ThisisHCD.com). He is a Fellow of theRSA.org and a long-serving iXDA Design Mentor. He is a regular speaker at events and design conferences.

Marc Stickdorn is a well-known name in the global service design community. He is editor and co-author of the award-winning books This is Service Design Thinking and This is Service Design Doing, regularly gives talks and workshops on service design and innovation, and teaches at various business and design schools. As co-founder and CEO of More than Metrics (www.morethanmetrics.com), together with a team of 23 people, he builds service design software for service designers, ux/cx experts and innovators.

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  • What is ethnography
  • Research Design
  • Theory and practice of field work
  • Analysing field data
  • Writing up findings
  • What do we mean by fixed mixed methods?
  • From Insight to Meaning
  • Introduction into Service Design Blueprinting
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design Blueprinting
  • Service Safari / Design Challenge
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